Welcome to String Figure Studio. The purpose of this website is to help you make various string figures including my originals. A lot of photographs are used. I guess you have already visited other string figure websites. Please refer to them if you have questions about technical terms. I hope you enjoy this website.
  Two and Three (very easy!!)
  Four and Increment Method
  To Add the Morning Sun
  and others

Diamonds (various ways)
  Jacob's Ladder and Increment Methods
  From "Two" to "One" or "Three"
  and others

The Union Jack
Easy String Figures
  A Broom
  and others

Japanese String Figures
  Bridge → Turtle → Airplane
  Net → → Hand Hair Clippers
  and others

"Many Stars" and its variations
  Many Stars
  Big Star
  and others

3-Dimensional String Figures
  The Laia Flower
  Erupting Volcano
  and others

Start with Murray Opening
  Storm Clouds
  and others

Display with Caroline Extension
  The Sun
  Milky Way
  and others

Arctic String Figures
  Two Ptarmigans
  The Swan
  and others

From Around the World
  Apache Door
  A Crab
  Island of Moa
  and others

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